When I stare into the loving eyes of my family, I feel the fullness of their love.

My family means everything to me. They inspire, motivate, sustain and fulfill me. Our love is unconditional and binds us together in a way that nothing and no one can ever replace.

My loved ones bring out my passion and love for life. Even their smiles bring me joy that I carry with me wherever I go. Their ideas, hopes and dreams inspire me as well as them.

They motivate me to be my best. Out of love for my family, I take care of my emotional and physical health. Taking care of myself refreshes me and renews my energy so I can take the best care of them.

My family sustains me during the tough times. They support me in my time of need, and I do the same for them, too. We are always there to lift each other up when we feel down.

Even when I am perturbed by a child's misbehavior or we have a disagreement, our love keeps us patient with each other.

My family's love fulfills me and makes my life complete with a renewable source of happiness and love.

Today, I strive to help fulfill my loved ones' lives by inspiring them as much as they inspire me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I patient with my family members?
2. Is my love unconditional?
3. Do I support their ideas, hopes, and dreams and allow them to inspire me as well?


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