I am confident in my ability to follow through.

I know I can follow through on my promises because I only make promises that I can keep. Before I make a promise, I check my schedule to ensure it is something I can work in. If it isn't, I do not commit to it in the first place.

I find it is better in the long run to learn to say “no,” rather than to over-extend myself with too many commitments. This way, when I do make a promise, others know that they can count on me to follow through with it as well.

In order to fulfill my commitments, I keep my planner up to date and work on my time management and organization skills daily. Flexibility is also important, so I strive to include some wiggle room in my schedule to accommodate unplanned events.

Some promises are free from time commitments and only require honesty and strength of character to fulfill. Since truth is one of my most important values, my promises are always made and fulfilled with honesty.

I consider it just as important to follow through on promises that I make to myself. After all, if I can't keep a promise to myself, how can I keep my promises to others? Even if I am the only one who knows about my vow, I still make it a habit to follow through.

Today, I intend to update my planner with my promises so I can ensure that I will successfully follow through.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is it important to me to follow through on my promises?
2. Do I fulfill my promises to myself as well as those made to others?
3. How can I make sure that I don't over-commit myself to too many obligations?


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