I am strong and capable of doing anything I desire.

I am strong and capable of doing anything I desire.

My strength is important to me. Physical strength matters, but emotional and mental strength mean more, and I am strong emotionally and mentally.

I do anything I need and want to do. I accomplish my goals and dreams easily because I know my abilities.

Whatever I set my mind to, I accomplish. Good things come my way naturally because I expect them to. I know I have what it takes. I welcome my destiny and expect success.

I think only of success, strength, joy, and the things I want in my life. By focusing on what I do well, I increase my chances of being successful. I see where I want to go in life, and I move toward it. I know I can reach my goal because I refuse to give up.

Each day I get closer to my goals. I have good plans for the future, and I maintain hope and excitement about what I can do with my life.

I start fresh each day and avoid waiting for the right moment to come along. Every moment is the right moment for hope.

In my mind, I see my goals completed. I see myself achieving my goals and making my dreams come true. I see my plans fulfilled, and I am happy that I have the strength to bring great things into my life.

Today, I use my strength and capabilities to move closer to my goals and dreams.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do I use my strengths to reach my goal?
2. What capabilities are most important to me?
3. In what areas can I improve my strength and skills?

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