I know I can reach my goals.

I know I can reach my goals.
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My goals are important, and they matter to me. I set them realistically, and I meet them because I am committed to them. My mindset is one of success. I am strong and reach every goal I set because I have the ability and dedication.

I am a successful person. Things are not always perfect, but I keep working at them until they become what I expect and want them to be. I refuse to see giving up or quitting as an option. I see only good things like success, peace, and joy in my life.

I reap what I sow, and I sow joy, success and strength. My goals are within my grasp. Each day, I see them getting closer. It is only a matter of time before I achieve my goals because I continue to work and persevere.

As I reach my goals, I set new ones, always having something worth working for. My goals hold my interest, and I see the value in them.

My goals help me take charge of my life. I do things that matter. Through helping others strengthen themselves and reach their goals, I see my own improvement. That is much of what makes me successful.

Today, I feel confident that my goals are within reach, and I take action to make them happen.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I work toward meeting my goals more quickly?
2. What should I do to keep my goals in perspective?
3. Why is it so important that I set and work toward my goals?

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