My job is secure.

My job is secure.
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During uncertain economic times, I have peace that surpasses understanding. While companies are downsizing and releasing employees, I am fully confident that my job is secure.

I take a stand against uncertainty by clinging to my determination. I am determined to be the best at what I do. My outstanding performance secures me the favour of my superiors. Those responsible for making decisions about my future appreciate the passion I bring to my work.

Worrying about things beyond my control is a distraction to my job performance. I shut down the voice of fear that tries to make me question my stability. Instead, I listen to the voice of truth that constantly reminds me that my life has a greater purpose.

There is peace in my mind about the future. I have relinquished control of the things that are out of my hands. I do concern myself with those things that I can affect, such as my job performance.

I work harder each day than the day before to prove that I am a valuable part of the team. I increase my knowledge by reading or taking courses related to my field because I am serious about my job.

My job is secure because I have earned the trust of my colleagues. As a valued team member, I can stick around for many years to come.

Today, I saturate my mind with positive thoughts about the future. I lean on the hand of my Creator to take care of my every need. I have the ability to provide for my family, and I am free from any fear.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What sets me apart from others?
2. How can I shut out negativity from my mind?
3. How can I work harder tomorrow than I did today?

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