Each day I am learning new things.

With every new day, I find something new to discover and learn.

I learn about the world around me and the world farther from me. Sometimes it is not the things that I learn outside of me that excite me but the things I learn.

When I read, watch the news, or seek out new opportunities, I learn new things. I talk to others and fully listen when they are speaking, and I learn from their daily experiences.

Each day is unique, and I experience things in a new way. Each day is an opportunity to learn something new about myself. I learn that I can be compassionate. I learn that I am capable of achieving whatever I put my mind to. I am a fascinating, capable person, and there is much for me to learn about myself.

I learn something new each day because I am present and fully pay attention to the things surrounding me. I pay full attention to the feelings, thoughts and experiences within me, and thus I learn about myself.

Every day is new and offers boundless opportunities to experience and learn. I choose to begin each day with an open mind that is ready to understand.

Today I will take full advantage of each opportunity to discover and learn. I will learn about myself as well as learn about the things in the world around me. When I am fully present in my day, I can learn and understand many things.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I opened my mind to all of my opportunities to learn today?
2. Have I discovered new things about myself today?
3. What was today'€™s greatest lesson?


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