I alter the course of my life by changing the way I think.

I am in charge of my destiny. It is up to me to arrive at my desired destination. The choices and attitudes I display today are shaping the future ahead of me. Success is mine because I only allow my mind to envision triumph.

My actions are like seeds planted in the ground; if I want to reap a harvest of blessing, I must sow accordingly. In my past, I may have sown negative seeds, but I choose to weed out my garden and start fresh.

At times, life sends unexpected challenges my way, but I have the ability to turn those challenges into opportunities. I train my mind to think of dead ends as new beginnings.

I refuse to take on the negative image others try to put on me. Instead of thinking of myself as inadequate, I see myself as someone who is creative and full of passion. Instead of giving up on my dreams, I find new ways to make them happen.

Daily, I reflect upon my life and ask myself if my actions are yielding the results I want. Through honest soul searching, I am able to identify the true feelings of my heart. Only when I am honest with myself about how I feel can I enact change within me.

I filter my thoughts because the greatest predictor of my future is the current state of my thoughts. A positive mindset takes me to the place of success. I remain positive because negativity destroys dreams.

Today, I choose to align my thoughts with the picture of the future I hope for. Where I find fear, I pray for courage. In the place of bitterness, I seek joy. I trade selfishness for compassion.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Is my attitude hindering me from success?
2. Why do I need to makeover my thoughts?
3. What does my dream future look like?


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