I free myself from fear by planning ahead.

I am released from the bonds of fear because I have a plan for my day. A thorough plan is my antidote to worry and frustration. Knowing where I am headed helps me travel there with confidence.

I am calm when I know the direction in which my life is going. When I have a plan, I can enjoy peace because I know that I am prepared to face the day. I can enjoy calm because I have thought about things in advance.

I take pleasure in thinking about the future with intense anticipation, yet I plan ahead to keep myself at an advantage over uncertainty. Planning ahead helps me cultivate great ideas that may not come to me when I am placed in the spotlight.

Plans are the roadmaps to my life's adventures. My plan is not binding; rather it is a helpful guide that helps to direct me.

When I evaluate my plans, I am able to identify areas that need improvement and I work on those areas before they become a problem. I am a better person because I take the time to prepare myself in advance.

I know that my arrangements may not always work out, but they set me on a clear path toward bigger and better ideas. My plans are simply well thought out ideas of the direction I'd like to go.

Today, I choose to be free from fear by creating a realistic plan for tomorrow.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What plans do I have for today?
2. How can I better prepare myself for tomorrow?
3. How can I adjust my plans for the future in order to feel more confident?


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