I learn quickly.

I learn quickly.

Each day, I encounter new information and strive to keep up with changes in technology. I am thankful I learn quickly.

When I am exposed to something new, I look closely and focus on the subject at hand. What do I see? How does it work? I make a conscious decision to learn quickly about this new information.

I learn in many different ways. Sometimes, I may research and read about a topic. Also, I look on the internet. I interact with other people to try to gain information. And I ask questions of those who seem to know about the subject.

I keep my eyes open. Observing other people helps me learn quickly. Watching how someone else performs a task provides a visual education for me. This ensures I can perform whatever tasks are asked of me.

When I take the attitude that learning is fun, I am more motivated to take in new information. I learn quickly because I am ready to absorb new input at all times. I see that when I am open to change, I can learn more rapidly.

Today, I feel confident that I can learn quickly, regardless of the situation. As I reflect on all the strategies I use to acquire knowledge and skill, I look for areas in my life in which I have been hesitant to learn new things to better focus on moving forward.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I learn quickly?
2. If not, how can I overcome my stumbling blocks to learning more rapidly?
3. How will my life improve as I focus on learning faster?

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