The world around me is my canvas

The world around me is a blank canvas on which I paint with the colors of my attitude and character. As the artist of my own world, I choose to create hope with each brush stroke. Every decision I make leaves a mark on my portrait that will adorn or tarnish it.

When I act kindly toward others, my picture is enhanced with grace. I know what I want out of my life; therefore I make a conscious effort to transmit those dreams onto my canvas. When I look at my canvas, I have the power to see things from a positive perspective.

I appreciate the unique beauty in those around me. Each one of my loved ones contributes a different element of style to my work of art. Like the colors of the rainbow, the people in my life make the picture come alive with vibrant splendor.

I have the ability to create my own environment by what I contribute to the world and receive from others. But first, I have to express happiness and joy to others if I want those feelings to be reflected back to me. The message I send out to the world will come back to me like an echo.

Today is a fresh canvas upon which I choose to paint something beautiful. With each stroke I make today, I am creating a masterpiece out my life. I am making an everlasting mark on this world by displaying a positive attitude and genuinely loving others.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I enhance the picture of my world?
2. What am I going to paint today?
3. What do I contribute to the world?


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