I choose to let go of frustration and seek peace.

I am loosening my grasp of the things I cannot change and I accept my limitations. Choosing to let go of control brings me one step closer to feeling the effects of total peace. I focus my energy and attention on the things that can be changed in order to avoid frustration.

My heart is freed from tension when I choose to have a positive attitude about the things that may not turn out the way I want. Understanding that life is unpredictable helps me to be flexible and accept change.

I seek to be at peace within myself and with those around me by putting aside our differences and focusing on the things that make us alike. My mind is set on thoughts that are uplifting and are of value.

When I feel stress trying to creep into my life, I retreat to a place where I can regain my peace. I use soft music and calming scents to help me relax after a difficult day. Using visual imagery, I carry my mind to a place where I am surrounded by peace.

I pray in order to have inner peace. When I pray, I give up my frustrations to a higher power and melt in the arms of peace. Holding on to my frustrations steals my peace, therefore, I relinquish control of those things that bother me and fill my mind with joy.

Today, I choose to spend time in prayer, meditation and relaxation in order to enjoy the effects of peace and forget about the things that frustrate me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Am I willing to accept that which I cannot change?
2. Where can I go to relax when I feel myself getting anxious?
3. What pleasant memory can I think about when I feel myself getting upset?


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