I have an outlet to relieve my stress.

I have an outlet to relieve my stress, and engaging in it regularly is a priority for me. I know I am happiest and most productive when I have regular ways of letting off steam, so I view these times as equally important as my work.

It is my choice in how I spend my time relieving stress. I may choose to play sports, read, watch a movie, go to a concert, or have a relaxing bubble bath. There is no one right way to unwind.

I know my own mind and body better than anyone, so I engage in activities that satisfy and nurture my soul.

Even though I work, take care of my family, and do everything that is part of being a productive adult member of society, I plan time for myself regularly.

I maintain balance in my life. I recognize that work is good; however, I avoid the tendency to take this to an extreme and become a slave to my job!

I give my relaxation activities as much priority as I do my work projects. I know I can be my best self only if I take the time and opportunity to de-stress regularly.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What activity most helps relieve my stress?
2. Do I give my relaxation activities as much priority as my work?
3. Do I make my own decisions regarding what relaxation activities would best meet my needs?


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