I let stress roll off my back like falling water.

I let stress roll off my back like falling water.
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Stress is a part of life, but I maintain control over how I let it affect me. Stress rolls right off of me. Just like water off of a duck's back, stress slides away. I only accept peace, joy, love, and tranquillity into my life. Stress has no place in my life, mind, or heart.

I remember to breathe deeply to keep my stress at bay. I am strong and peaceful, regardless of what appears in my life. Because I handle stress well, I can pass on my peace to others. I feel good when I handle stress effectively.

Peaceful, happy people are nice to be around. I am one of those people. People want to be around me because I am tranquil. I refuse to allow stress to bother me, so it rarely affects others around me.

If stress tries to get close to me, I push it gently away. Because I am peaceful and tranquil, I can resist stress. Rather than fighting stress, I avoid it when possible and let it drift away from me in situations where it is unavoidable.

I show others how to be peaceful. People appreciate me because they like the peace and joy that I bring to them. Situations are less stressful when I am involved in them. I enjoy sharing my tranquillity with others by helping them de-stress their lives.

Today, I let stress wash away without having any effect on my peaceful mood.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I let go of my stress today?
2. What is the best way to handle a stressful situation?
3. How can I share my stress-free lifestyle with others?

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