I release stressful situations to a higher power.

I release stressful situations to a higher power.

I am free from stress, fears, or worries. I believe in a higher power who can alleviate any stress I may feel. I can accept stressful situations and allow them to move through my life because I know I am taken care of.

Because I have faith, I have no need for stress, regardless of what life brings my way. Stress is artificial and fails to affect me. I refuse to accept it.

I make the choices for my life, and I choose to be stress-free. I know I can choose tranquillity instead of stress each day, so I choose peace with confidence. Together, my higher power and I can handle anything that happens.

Stressful situations come and go in life, but I can choose how I react to them. No one controls my actions but me. When I turn things over to a higher power, I can release the stress that would otherwise build up.

Because I let go of stress, I feel peace and happiness and gratefully share these blessings with others. People feel calm around me because I stay calm. In giving serene energy to others, I increase my own tranquillity.

My higher power helps me remember to let go of my stress and let him handle it. Because I trust in a higher power, I live stress-free and happy.

Today, I let go of stress and give all of my worries over to a higher power.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I let go of stress today?
2. Can I help others find the right way to release their stress?
3. What are some ways I can avoid having stress in my life?

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