I relieve stress through music.

I relieve stress through music.

I am fully capable of managing my stress. The tools necessary to increase peace in my life are within my reach. I use a variety of methods to relieve my worries and increase tranquillity, including listening to music.

My choice of music directly relates to how I feel. I listen to a variety of music to assist in transforming my mood. Soft music helps me relax when I feel overwhelmed. Upbeat music infuses me with joy.

Music has had a powerful and positive effect on me. As the melody fills the air, it carries my stress away. I feel my constraints melting away with every note so I can rest in complete harmony.

When I close my eyes and focus on the sounds of the music, I shift my attention away from the cares of the world. Music transports me away from the concrete world into a realm of total peace. I have compiled playlists with my favourite songs to play throughout the day.

I play music in my car to start my day off right. I bring music with me to the office to play in the background during the day. Music lifts my spirit and keeps me motivated. When my thoughts become too much for me to handle, I use music to quiet my mind.

Today, I choose to turn to music as a soothing source of peace. I allow the beat of tranquillity to flow through my body. My stress dissipates, and peace is restored when I fill the room with soothing music.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What type of music makes me feel calm?
2. What part of my day could use a boost of music?
3. How can music help me relax?

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