Peace is my anchor in uncertain times.

Peace is a state of prevailing harmony, free from disputes, anxiety, and stress. During times of confusion or uncertainty, I rely on my inner peace to anchor me securely. When I am grounded in peace, I am unmovable.

My faith is steadfast because I place my trust in a higher power rather than my own strength. I am hopeful about the future, regardless of the circumstances that surround me today. I am relieved by peace when I relinquish control of my life and learn to embrace my destiny.

The storms of life rise like the oceans' waves, but my vessel rests in still waters because I am anchored in peace. I remain in control of my emotions. I know the storm will pass; therefore, there is nothing to fear.

Prayer is the lifeline that connects me with my inner peace. When I pray, I feel a serene sense of tranquillity saturates my body. Prayer allows me to remove all pressure from my shoulders and deposit it in the arms of my Creator.

I endure through the storm, knowing that the sun shines again once the rain clouds move on. After a storm, I rejoice in the vivid rainbow that follows. To enjoy the brighter things in life, I first have to overcome the storm.

Today, I choose to trade anxiety and worry for hope and peace. I rely on the anchor of peace to keep me grounded during times of adversity. I look forward to seeing brighter days ahead of me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What storm am I currently facing?
2. Why is it necessary to make room for faith and hope?
3. How can prayer bring me closer to finding peace?


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