Fear is no match for my strong will to succeed.

When feelings of fear start to creep into my mind, I replace these thoughts with the confidence built into my toolkit. Some of these tools include prayer, meditation, affirmations, positive self-talk, an optimistic mindset, and sure-fire success strategies.

Whew! With such an arsenal, it's no wonder that fear doesn't have a chance!

When I'm determined to achieve a goal, I use my sure-fire success strategies from the very start. I take the time to make a detailed plan of every task required to reach this goal and I ensure each task is achievable.

My detailed plan prevents any fear of the unknown, since I know that, by tending to one task at a time, I can reach my goals.

Since I know my tasks are achievable, I start out with easy confidence. Fear can only raise its ugly head when I encounter challenges. If I start hearing the dreaded “what ifs,” I quickly banish them from my mind with positive self-talk and affirmations, and jump right in to seeking a solution for the challenge.

Rather than give in to my fears by sitting around worrying, I forge confidently ahead and try to get back on track toward my goal.

I prevent plenty of fears with my daily routine of prayer and meditation. I envision my success in every detail and use my meditation to rejuvenate my confidence and spur me on to positive daily action.

Today, I have no worries about my fears because I have equipped myself with my confidence-boosting toolkit and my strong will to succeed.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I let my fears stop me from pursuing my goals?
2. What fears challenge me right now?
3. How can I get past that fear and back on track toward success?


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