I am building wealth for my retirement. 

I am responsible when it comes to planning for my future. My goal is to retire with enough savings to enjoy life without needing to work. I diligently save now so I can relax later.

Saving for retirement requires self-control and determination. I am determined to reach my goal because I want to enjoy the fruit of my labour. I work hard today while I am healthy and strong to take a break when I am older.

The necessary self-control to discipline my spending to increase my wealth is found within me. The state of my financial future is up to me. I have the full ability to develop a successful financial plan.

I resist the temptation to tap into my savings for instant gratification because no current purchase is worth jeopardizing my security. I let go of my need to keep up with the Joneses. Instead, with a great deal of discipline, I exercise restraint to protect my future.

I am building wealth by wisely managing my budget, investing carefully, and paying off debt. As I improve in each of these areas, my financial future becomes brighter.

My mind is at ease, knowing that I am taking care of myself without relying on the government or anyone else.

Today, I choose to give myself the gift of peace of mind by taking control of my financial future. I am building great wealth for the latter years of my life by living responsibly today.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I have peace of mind about my financial future?
2. Have I been putting off planning for my retirement?
3. How do my current financial decisions affect my future?


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