I am close to my goal.

I am close to my goal.

Each day, I get closer to reaching my ultimate success. I have both small and large goals to help me get there. Every time I achieve a smaller goal, I see that my big goal is closer. My ultimate goal is in sight.

I believe in myself and in my ability to reach my goal. I know I can reach any goal I set out to accomplish because of my strong faith in my talents and gifts.

Others may help me, but it is ultimately up to me to achieve my goal. I have the strength and the tenacity to reach it. I keep working to meet my goal because I know I am getting close. Failure is not an option for me; success is the only choice.

Watching my goal get closer makes me happy and proud to see what I am accomplishing. I like to meet goals because it gives me a sense of purpose.

I also encourage others to make and meet their own goals. My encouragement of others helps to encourage me, too. It is a great way to help others and help myself at the same time. It helps me stay strong and committed to my goals.

Today, I have my goal in sight, and I see myself getting closer to it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I better visualize my goal being reached?
2. What can I do to improve my chances of reaching my goal?
3. Is there something I can do to encourage others to reach their goals as well?

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