I am internet savvy.

I am internet savvy.
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I am proficient at utilizing the internet, browsing websites and managing my personal social networking sites.

I know where to go to search for help. There is an answer for everything on the ‘net, and I know where to find it. I successfully use the videos and tutorials to learn everything I need to know. If I have a question, I am confident in finding the answer on the internet.

Internet Savvy

I use the internet for my benefit. I stay in touch with friends and family through social networking sites. I advertise myself and find work through the internet.

I can use the skills I learn on the ‘net to create and manage a thriving online business. I save money by researching how to do things for myself.

I am careful about where I type in my information online. I always check to see the validity of a website before I share personal information.

I protect my identity from theft and fraud by following common-sense guidelines and listening to my instincts. I effectively research companies to find out if they are legitimate or not.

When I receive an unsolicited email claiming that I have won something that I never registered for, I know it is a scam. I notify proper authorities of scam emails I receive.

Today, I choose to use the internet to my advantage. I stay updated on the latest software that comes out and how it can benefit me. The internet is a large contributor to my success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can the tools online help me?
2. Why is it important for me to learn how to navigate the ‘net?
3. How can I protect myself against internet fraud?

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