I care about my life and my life’s work.

I am an important piece of my family puzzle, and I believe in my value. Through my actions, I make a difference in the world, and I enjoy the feeling of bringing happiness, support, and love to others.

I acknowledge the importance of what I do in life. I whole-heartedly believe that I can positively affect the lives of others, and that brings me great fulfilment.

Just as I find other people's lives valuable, I know that my own life is valuable as well. Because I consider myself important, I take special care of both my needs and myself. By paying close attention to my needs and desires, I am better able to help others.

The value of my life is immeasurable.

I take care of my body and mind so I can be strong and sharp. I take care of my safety when travelling and in my daily life. I focus on positive uses of my time and energy because I deserve only the best.

Today, I choose to take care of myself. I eat healthy foods, exercise, and listen to the needs of both my body and mind. I acknowledge my importance because I am worth it!

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How is my life important to me?
2. How is my life important to others?
3. How have I taken care of myself today?



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