I eliminate comparison from my thoughts.

I have confidence in who I am. In every situation I face, I strive to give the very best I have to give. My self-confidence stems from knowing that I am created with unique talents for a specific purpose.

My calling in life is different from others. My unique set of strengths enables me to achieve my purpose. I am equipped to manage my life successfully. That is why I only try to live my life and refrain from coveting the path someone else is travelling.

When I keep my eyes on the road ahead, I can move forward. I stay in my line at all times because shifting my focus, even for a second, may cause me to fall.

I am free from the need to measure myself up to others' standards because I have my own set of standards. As long as I am working hard and taking care of my responsibilities, what others are doing is irrelevant to me.

I eradicate comparison from my thoughts by choosing to accept that life comes in seasons. I embrace the season in which I find myself because it is part of my journey.

We are all in different seasons of life, and each season plays out differently for each individual. Through this season, I choose to live my life to the fullest. I accept myself with all of my imperfections and learn to be happy where I am.

Today, I choose to keep my eyes fixed on my goals. I push aside insecurity by loving myself just the way I am.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When was the last time, my eyes wandered into someone else's race?
2. Why is it important for me to only measure myself against my own standards?
3. How is comparison detrimental to my mind?


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