I understand the foundation before I undertake a large task.

I refuse to be intimidated by a large task because I ensure that I am prepared by fully understanding the situation.

By knowing beforehand what is expected of me, I am confident when tackling a large job. Doing the groundwork ahead of time allows me to have full confidence in my abilities to succeed in any job I take on, big or small.

The reality is that there is little difference between a large and small task. To succeed in the undertaking of any task, I must first fully comprehend the foundation. A small task may be easier to see the expectations and quicker to accomplish, but the overall techniques are the same.

I know with certainty that I am capable of taking on any task, large or small.

I take the time to fully observe the nuances of the task and understand the expectations before I begin working on it. This makes it easier for me to follow-through and get things done quickly and accurately.

Today, I strive to use my abilities to focus on the task at hand. I know I can be successful in achieving my goals because I take the time to analyze the situation and understand all expectations.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How have I prepared myself for undertaking a large task?
2. How has completing tasks successfully strengthened me?
3. What are the expectations of a task I am working on?


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