Limits increase my freedom.

Limits are essential in my life because they protect me from destruction and distractions. On the path to success, limits prevent me from missing the mark.

Establishing boundaries to help me organize my life is an act of love. Just like a mother sets restrictions for her children's safety, my boundaries are markers within which I can safely navigate.

When I know where my limits are, I can be confident of the steps I am taking. Uncertainty about boundaries causes me to walk in fear. I establish limits in my life so I may walk without hesitation.

In order to set limits for myself, I must be honest about who I am and what I want out of life. Having a clear vision helps me to identify paths, friendships, and behaviour that are conducive to success and those that aren't.

I understand that, while some things may be fun, they may not be beneficial to my life's overall goals. It is in these circumstances that my limits save me from following paths that may lead me astray.

Once my limits are established and I know where my boundaries are, I can enjoy myself to the fullest. My freedom increases with the assurance that every move I make can ultimately benefit me.

Today, I choose to set boundaries for my own behaviour. I identify areas in my life that are out of control and I give myself the gift of peace of mind by placing positive limitations in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How do limits increase my freedom?
2. Why are limits essential to reaching my goals?
3. What boundaries can I create for my life?


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