My dreams are coming true.

My dreams are coming true.
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Each day, I see that I am closer to my dreams. I expect them to come true because I have total confidence that I can make them happen.

When I believe in myself and my abilities, I radiate that out to the universe. I get back good vibes and good feelings from the universe because I am giving out joy and confidence.


I hold fast to the promises I make to myself. When I believe in myself, I see good things happen in my life. As a result, all of my dreams are coming true. Because I believe in me, other people believe in me, too. I have positive energy.

By remaining positive, I offer the universe my love and respect. Positive energy attracts positive energy, so I help my dreams come true by continuing to believe in them. I refuse to give up on my dreams because they matter to me.

I care about my dreams and see them come true. I visualize how they can come true and what I can do to ensure they happen. If I have to adjust my timetable or the extent of my dreams, I am flexible enough to do so.

Because I can be flexible, my dreams come true more easily. I go with the flow, and I am confident that allowing the universe to guide me can help make my dreams a reality much more easily.

Today, I reflect on the fact that I am moving ever closer to seeing my dreams become my reality and rejoice in it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I move toward my dreams more quickly?
2. Can I do something to help the dreams of others come true?
3. What can I do to help realize my dreams?

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