The more organized I become, the more I feel responsible for my actions.

As I become more organized, I naturally begin to feel more responsible for my own actions. Organization leads to success, and success leads to increased confidence and responsibilities.

Once I have caught a glimpse of my own potential, I am unlikely to go back to allowing life to come at me at random.

If I go to a thrift store and buy whatever lamp happens to be on the back shelf, I likely won't get upset if I knock it off my nightstand! But if I have saved and shopped with a particular lamp in mind, I am far more careful with its care.

My life is the same way. When I put time and energy into organizing my life, I am investing in my success. Whatever I invest in, I actively value.

Because I have invested in organizing my life, I have a guide for my days. I have a purpose and direction for my life. I am no longer a victim of circumstance but an active player in my own life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I allow myself to believe the myth that my destiny is out of my hands?
2. Am I investing in my own success?
3. Have I taken the time to plan out how I will achieve my dreams and goals?

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